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Three Good tips for Choosing a Better Domain

Dec 4

by Domain Names Registered

Making the decision on the appropriate domain name and extension is one of the most crucial first stages in launching any Internet business endeavor. The name of your website will have a direct impact on the amount of organic search engine traffic you will be able to produce at the outset of your campaign. If you're having problems coming up with a decent website name, take into consideration the following recommendations:

1) Look for keyword domains that are an exact match

The first step in launching a successful SEO strategy is registering a memorable domain name. It is one of the most straightforward ways to begin drawing visitors to your website with very little work to simply register a domain name that contains a popular term in the domain name. Making the decision to use a name that people are already searching for will help you increase your chances of appearing at the top of the search results immediately. It is possible that you will have to start by searching for long tail keywords that are more relevant to a sub-niche because most of the shorter, more generalized terms have already been utilized as domain names.

Some great examples of valuable domains are:

2) Select one of the three most popular domain extensions

Those of you who have been surfing the Internet for more than a few days have probably observed that the majority of the websites that appear in search engine results have one of three major extensions,.net, – and that these extensions are primarily used for commercial purposes. By registering a domain with one of these extensions, you can significantly increase the likelihood of earning residual traffic for your website. Furthermore, because domain names with popular extensions are intrinsically more valuable, you will be able to sell your domain name for a higher price if you ever decide to launch a website.

.com extension is the most valuable of all of them, here are a few other great valuable .com domains:

3) Come up with a catchy title

If you are unable to locate a domain name that corresponds to a term, another excellent alternative that many people neglect is to simply come up with something unique and memorable on your own. Some of the most popular websites of all time have domain names that are memorable and unique, but do not contain specific keywords (for example, eBay, Yahoo, Google, YouTube, Digg, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, and many others.) If you're going to come up with a unique word or phrase for your website, you'll want to confine the domain name to a maximum of nine characters.

A good example of a great domain name with the recommendations above is

Short domains are the most valuable but also rare as they are usually taken. If you live in UK an extremelly valuable premium domain is

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