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What Is Concrete Leveling And Why Is It Necessary

Nov 14

Concrete leveling is the process of raising sunken slabs back to their original position, Experienced Concrete Levelers reduces the risk of tripping hazards. It involves drilling holes into the sunken concrete, and then injecting a special compound that lifts and levels the surface. The results are a smooth, even finish that looks new and improves safety.

There are many reasons why concrete surfaces can sink or settle, including soil erosion and drainage issues, improper compaction when the slab was poured, and invasive tree roots. Whatever the reason, if a concrete slab is sinking it needs to be lifted through concrete leveling or replaced altogether.

Whether it's a driveway, patio, sidewalk, or the concrete bordering a swimming pool, when it starts to sink or slope in one direction, the result isn't just unsightly, but also can be dangerous. Concrete leveling is a simple, cost-effective way to correct this issue and restore a safe walking surface for your family or employees.

The process of concrete leveling involves drilling holes into the sunken concrete, then pumping a material underneath that lifts it up to its original position. There are different methods to accomplish this, but the most popular ones include mudjacking and polyleveling. Mudjacking uses a heavy mixture of cement, mud, and water to "jack" the concrete up from below, while polyleveling (also known as foam leveling) uses a more lightweight, durable polyurethane foam. Both of these methods are less expensive than a full slab replacement and typically take just a few hours to complete.

Once the concrete leveling is completed, it's important to make sure the holes are properly filled and patched. A-1's technicians are trained to use only high-quality products that will provide a long-lasting, attractive, and durable surface. The final step is to seal the holes, which ensures that they are invisible and doesn't distract from your landscaping or other concrete slabs on the property.

Signs of Slumping

There are several signs that your slab is in need of concrete leveling. Some are more obvious than others, but if the slab has settled at least a quarter inch below its original position, it's worth considering getting it leveled by professionals. Other indicators include if the concrete rocks when driven or walked on, or if it sounds hollow when tapped.

There are several ways to get concrete leveling done on your home or business, but only the most experienced professionals will be able to achieve a long-lasting and attractive results. The experts at A-1 have been performing concrete leveling for more than 30 years, and they've seen the positive impact it can have on a property's overall appearance. Request a free onsite consultation today to find out how much your project will cost. Then, you can decide if concrete leveling is right for your home or business!

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