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IBC Mixer Provide High Speed Agitation

Dec 15

Ibc anti-contamination mixer is a powerful mixer that is used to agitate liquids in Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) tote tanks. These versatile tote agitators are designed for use in the paint, chemical and food industries and can be fitted with a wide range of mixing shafts and blades for various applications. All tote agitators are built for easy installation with a collapsible mixing impeller that can fit through the standard 6" opening of IBC tote tanks. Once inside the tote, the mixing impeller expands to provide high-speed agitation that provides fast and efficient product turnover for good top-to-bottom mixing.

Our collection of IBC mixers includes electric, air, and explosion motor proof mixers with a wide range of motor options. Some of our models feature a direct drive motor while others are equipped with gear driven motors that are factory filled with lubricant for minimal maintenance and maximum reliability. Our IBC tote agitators are also available in both lightweight and heavy-duty frames to suit any application.

Unlike traditional IBC mixers that are powered by direct drive motors, our tote agitators are pneumatically powered using clean, compressed air or nitrogen gas. This efficient mixing process eliminates the need for a power source and reduces the risk of contamination from contact with moving parts. This is especially important when handling hazardous materials. Our sanitary IBC tote mixers are able to homogenize or remix set-tled solids and liquids in any size IBC tank quickly without risking oxidation of the products stored in the IBC.

Our IBC tote mixers can be fitted with an optional exhaust muffler and flow control valve which enables the user to adjust the mixer speed for different viscosities and applications. These tote agitators are also available with a variety of UL approved options including totally enclosed fan cooled electric motors and dry lubricated air motors which require no oiling. For corrosive chemicals, optional stainless steel tote agitators are also available. Please consult with our expert application engineers to ensure that you select the best IBC mixer for your needs.