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Bounce House Rentals Can Make Any Event Memorable

Jan 18

New Orleans Bounce House Rentals can make a big difference in the success of a party or event. From bounce houses to water slides, a company like About to Bounce can make any event more fun and memorable. In addition to the obvious entertainment value, these inflatable toys can also help children exercise and socialize.

Before reserving a bounce house, it is important to call the owner and vet their business. Doing so can reveal a lot about the legitimacy of the company and their level of commitment to customer service. It can also give you an idea of what safety regulations they follow, cleaning/sanitizing methods, insurances and permits, etc. Additionally, it is a good idea to be mindful of local zoning laws and agreements in terms of where the bounce house can be set up.

The cost of a bounce house rental can vary, but it is usually proportional to the size of the unit and any additional features that are included. It is also a good idea to consider any extra services that may be available, such as seating options, concession machines (like cotton candy and popcorn), and the like. These extras can add a significant amount to the overall cost of the rental, so it is worth discussing these costs with potential providers before making any final decisions.

Bounce houses are a must for any child’s birthday celebration. However, they are not just for parties; many parents find that their kids play with bounce houses on a regular basis. In fact, they are so popular that some even rent them out to neighbors during the week.

Unlike the DIY bounce houses that are often seen around neighborhoods, professional rental companies can provide the best equipment and most reputable services. They are also trained to properly inspect their products and are fully insured in case of any accidents that might occur during an event. These companies can also offer a wide range of other equipment for hire, including obstacle courses, giant Jenga and Connect Four games, water slides and more.

Inflatables such as water slides require a significant amount of electricity to remain inflated, so they should only be set up on a surface that is mostly flat and solid. In addition, they need to be securely anchored using large spikes that are driven into the ground. For these reasons, it is a good idea to contact the company that offers these types of inflatables in advance and let them know exactly where you want them to set up the slide.

In addition to safety and power requirements, it is important to understand the cleaning and sanitation procedures that the rental company follows. This can be a huge factor in determining whether or not you should work with a particular provider. Ideally, a bounce house should be cleaned after each use to prevent the buildup of germs and debris. The company should also follow strict sanitization guidelines that include disinfecting all surfaces, walls, and ceilings inside the unit.

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