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IBC Tote Mixer - Power Agitating in IBC Tote Tanks

Mar 23

Digital Drive Modes IBC Tote Mixer provides power agitating in IBC tote tanks for the chemical, food, paint, and other industrial applications. This specialized mixer is used for mixing in totes that contain liquids, such as a custom blend of base and additive fluids that have settled out over time or are separated due to their specific particle size. This mixing is done for a couple of reasons, the most common being to re-blend and re-homogenize the liquids that have settled out of solution or separated and then stored in a liquid tank.

The patented blade technology of the EvenMix tote mixer is what sets it apart from other traditional alternatives. The unique design of the blade folds to allow easy insertion into a 6 inch opening and then unfolds to provide heavy-duty mixing. It’s this blending ability that allows it to reach into the corners of a liquid filled IBC tote as well as the bottom, where many other types of mixers are unable to provide an effective mix. The tote mixer also features an air or electric motor that is significantly lighter than the competition, saving you valuable storage and shipping space.

Another advantage of this tote agitator is that it can be used with both plastic and polyurethane foam lined IBCs. This is important for those who store dangerous or hazardous chemicals in IBC totes, as they may be required to carry special permit labels and freight handling requirements for Class III and Class II hazard materials. The non-shear, large bubble mixing process of the EvenMix tote mixer can easily re-homogenize these types of chemicals and can be performed at any liquid level in the IBC tank.

In agriculture, IBC tote tanks are commonly used for storing and mixing up bulk amounts of animal feed ingredients. This is because the IBC tank has a built-in ball valve outlet that can be used to control the flow of liquids out of the tank and dispense them in precise amounts. This helps farmers save time and energy and ensures that their animals are getting the exact amount of nutrients they need for optimal health.

IBC tote mixing is often performed as a service for customers that purchase pre-mixed chemicals, fertilizers, or pesticides. In these cases, the customer will often request an IBC mixer be brought to their location to perform the mixing. The IBC mixer is inserted into the tote, and the fluids are re-mixed, often resulting in improved product quality or even higher efficiency when spraying or dispensing.

Choosing the right IBC tote mixer depends on a variety of factors, including the construction, type, and size of the IBC tank, as well as the viscosity and desired results of the mixing. A White Mountain Process specialist can help determine the best construction, type, and style of mixer for your application. They can also determine the appropriate motor type, based on your mixing needs and any specific requirements for your IBC tote tank.



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