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Onyx Exotix - the best exotics for rent in Miami in 2021

Sep 1

Explore Miami in an exotic car from Onyx Exotix

The best way to explore this wonderful city is behind the wheel of an exotic car from Onyx Exotix Luxury & Exotic Car Rental Miami, the freshest fleet of Ferrari, Lamborghini, Rolls Royce and Bentley in Miami

Summer is almost here. Rent Convertibles in Miami.

When you think of summer, you think of Miami. The palm trees. The beaches. Don’t forget about the luxury convertibles! If you want to do summer right in Miami, it could be that a convertible is what you’re missing. Onyx Exotix Luxury & Exotic Car Rental of Miami has the convertibles available in brands that you crave like Maserati. Luxury cars and exotic cars are our specialty afterall! Here’s some of the reasons that you should consider renting a luxury convertible this summer:

Convertibles remind us of summer

With the wind blowing in your hair and the radio blaring, you feel the freedom of the season.

Convertibles are fun

In many parts of the country, convertibles can only be driven with the top down for a few months out of the year. In Miami, we have the luxury of riding with the top down all year long.

Convertibles are just plain cool!

When you’re in Miami, you want to experience the good life. Onyx Exotix Luxury & Exotic Car Rental of Miami can help you to experience Miami on a new level with our convertibles luxury and exotic cars. With brands like Bentley, Ferrari and Maserati, we’ll hook you up with a fantastic vehicle to drive around in during your Miami stay.

There’s a kind of luxury that doesn’t need to boast. One that’s as much about service as it is style. Luxury that doesn’t just mean exotic cars for any occasion, but giving you personalized white glove service to meet your needs. Experience exotic car rentals from the brand known for award-winning customer service.

Onyx Exotix - the newest fleet of exotic rental cars - Ferrari F8 rental or Lamborhgini Urus rental 

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